Plop! is a 50 minute story theatre piece for under 7’s and their families. Its focus is to find ways to communicate the environmental impact of ocean toxicity in a hopeful way. It will use the diaries and experience of Storyteller Sarah Mooneys’ expedition sailing across the Atlantic with a group of female scientists in 2015 It is hilarious, tender, magical and beautiful.

The show is about Demeter, Poseidon, and a poo that will not flush that ends up on a magical journey out into to the ocean to discover a whale and the beauty of the sea.

Sarah and Kid Carpet

Music by Kid Carpet


“Sarah’s storytelling holds me in a mesmerising dance between dark and light. She is  skillful, brave, bold, direct and vulnerable..” Ziggy Slingsby, aerialist

“You are hilarious” Ricky Gervais, comedian

“Sarah Mooney has an incredible gift in relating to young children and captivating their attention though her storytelling performance.  In her latest show Plop! she has created a humorous mythical story and yet also manages to underpin it with a serious and important political message.”  Sarah Peterkin, Take Art

This project has been kindly supported by the Arts Council of England.